Over $1,116,822 In Revenue Generated From Just 9 Tests In 3 Months

How Our research-driven CRO Program Built Trust And Reduced Drop Off For Can Cooler Brand FrostBuddy

The Goal:
  • Increase CR on the eCommerce store
  • Understand what the biggest hurdles were for online shoppers
  • Reduce friction and enhance UX
The Tools:
  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Convert
  • 9 tests conducted with a revenue impact of $1,116,822 USD over 12 months
  • $70,009 USD profit impact over 12 months

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The Challenge

FrostBuddy is an eCommerce business selling universal can coolers, based in the USA.

We were assigned with the task of implementing a CRO program that would unpack the influx of new traffic coming through their social channels (Tik Tok and Facebook specifically).

FrostBuddy had exploded on TikTok months prior to engaging with us and as a result had seen an increase in new traffic. This was causing a breakdown on the website and impacting conversion rate.

Due to this, FrostBuddy were seeking a partner that could help them to unlock the barrier of entry for new customers and increase conversion rate through experimentation, which was something they were unable to achieve with their lean business setup due to time and personnel constraints.

The Audit

Like any program we run at SimplyCRO, we began with a full scale audit of the website, as well as relevant advertising which was driving a lot of traffic.

Our objective was to understand:

  • What this new traffic needed to know on entry of the website collection pages and product pages
  • What common questions and uncertainties they had about the product
  • What elements were causing friction and impacting cart abandonment rates
  • What information was missing from the site that could be used to leverage conversions

To aid us in our research efforts, our team used the following research tactics to unpack the customers biggest barriers, as well as to understand how they were engaging with the website:

  • Google Analytics
  • Post-purchase Survey
  • Message Mining
  • Heatmaps Analysis
  • Web Polls
  • Session Recordings

The Insights

From our research, we found that most of the optimisations were message related. The website was simple to use and easy to navigate, it happened to be the messaging and understanding more about the product that was cause for concern.

There was a clear indication that visitors had a lack of trust in the product and due to most falling into the solution aware category, they were looking for clarification on the product specs and whether it could deliver them the results they were after, specifically, “can this cooler hold my drink?”

Other common patterns we came across were:

  • Pricing was a barrier
  • How long would it keep drinks cold
  • Product availability
  • Social proof could be used as a tool to overcome objections

We then created a test plan to address the above

The Results

After just 3 months of research and experimentation we were able to achieve the following:

  • Build a Test Plan of over 50 ideas
  • From only 9 tests run, we were able to produce a revenue impact of $1,116,822 USD over 12 months, equating to $70,009 USD profit impact for FrostBuddy over that period

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