Most marketers are stuck guessing. Not us!

With a conversion audit, you can find out why some visitors convert and others don’t.
It’s the foundation for conversion rate optimisation.

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Before, we never really understood what kept our site visitors from converting.

Unlock the data that drives more website conversions

You know what traffic goes into your site and what revenues come out… 

But finding out how users engage with your site? Understanding why they buy? Why they don’t

It takes a conversion rate optimiser’s expertise.

Businesses across the globe trust simplycro

With a

conversion audit

, you get the expert research that drives more revenue

A conversion audit is a 360-degree assessment of your website.
We run a complete analysis of your:

  • homepage & key landing pages
  • category & product details pages
  • navigation
  • site search
  • opt-in forms
  • checkout process
  • post-purchase
  • mobile user experience
  • user flows + more

Out of the morass of data? We extract the insights that drive more revenue.

A conversion audit answers questions at the core of your business growth

Now you can get clarity on the issues that hold too many businesses back.

  • Where prospects are dropping out of your funnels
  • What leads need to know to feel safe and motivated to buy
  • What specific elements are causing friction (and driving down sales)
  • Your prospects’ main concerns, doubts, and hesitations (often surprising)
  • The features on your site that aren’t earning their keep… and what you really shouldn’t change


Here's how a conversion audit uncovers revenue opportunities

Conversion audits are systematic and comprehensive. Instead of guesswork and opinions, we use multiple sources of data to pinpoint the barriers to conversion. Most teams don’t have that expertise in-house. That’s why businesses bring in SimplyCRO for a full audit. Our approach spans multiple assessments, including:

  • Google Analytics

    In this two-phase audit, you get analytics troubleshooting and analysis. 

    Most Google Analytics setups are flawed, which means marketers are operating with bad data. That’s why we first audit your analytics setup and make sure you’re collecting data correctly. 

    With the right data, we run an analysis of your site’s critical metrics, including:

    • where visitors are landing and bouncing
    • what types of visitors are converting and where
    • where you’re leaking traffic in the conversion funnel
  • Heat Map, Scroll Map and Mouse Recordings

    Find out where on your pages users engage (or don’t). We record thousands of user interactions on your site to understand their priorities, points of friction and usability issues.

    Are visitors missing your most important calls-to-action? With the findings from this report, you can understand what’s missing, what’s buried and what needs to be front-and-centre.

  • User Surveys

    Just ask. It’s the principle behind surveying users and though it’s deceptively simple, surveys give us some of the most valuable insight.

    We use surveying to uncover patterns behind why people buy and why they don’t. These insights point to some of the most valuable optimisations you can make.

    Depending on the scenario, we may also run customer interviews, analyse user emails, chat transcripts and CRM notes for more insight.

  • Heuristic Analysis

    Does your site pass the tests of clarity, trustworthiness, relevance and consistency? Or are visitors experiencing friction, distraction and anxiety? Get an expert opinion from a team that has analysed thousands of sites.

  • User Testing

    Is your site easy to use and persuasive? Let’s find out.

    User testing reveals what your target market thinks of your value proposition, your site’s trustworthiness and clarity. You’ll also learn whether critical information is missing and what sources of friction are stopping users from achieving their goals on your site.

    We test the most critical actions users can take on your site. And then we analyse their journey and reactions.

  • Competitor Data

    Market research can tell us what your customers see as the alternatives and how they view your value relative to the competition. We look for strategic opportunities to differentiate your business based on what customers value most.

  • Copy Audit

    Most marketers are too close to their own website content to evaluate the copy. And even target market users can only tell you what’s confusing, not how your copy could be 10x more persuasive.

    That’s why we bring in a conversion copywriter to evaluate your site content, line by line. You’ll discover the most significant opportunities to optimise your messaging.

  • Technical Analysis

    Overlooked website bugs can drive down conversions — often, more than you’d expect.

    We look for technical glitches by running a website speed analysis and cross-browser, cross-device walkthrough of customer journeys. Surfacing these issues can lead to the quickest-wins in conversion rate optimisation.


What you get from your conversion audit

It’s one thing to know what’s broken. It’s another to know what you should do next.

Your conversion report gives you clarity on both.

You get data-backed insights and a roadmap for testing and optimisation, including:

  • A detailed breakdown of all identified issues across desktop and mobile
  • Recommendations prioritised by urgency and potential ROI
  • The “just do it” fixes you can implement right away
  • An action plan for iterative A/B and multivariate testing

You’ll also get a 2-hour consultation to review the analysis and roadmap with your team. Ask us anything. We’re here to make sure you know the way forward to more conversions.

A conversion audit might be right for you if...


  • Your site has been live and collecting Google Analytics data for at least 6 months
  • You’re investing in marketing to drive traffic, but your conversions per visitor aren’t high enough
  • Feedback from customers and visitors suggests they’re not “getting” what key actions to take on your site
  • You have technical and marketing resources, but no one 100% focused on optimizing for conversions
  • You want to make marketing decisions based on data, not guesswork


Conversion audit timelines, pricing and what to expect


  • A complete conversion audit typically takes 4 weeks
  • 5 of our analysts and experts will run comprehensive assessments of your website funnel
  • Conversion audits are available at a flat-rate with no hidden or add-on fees


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A conversion audit helps you understand three key things


Where are visitors landing & leaving

Once we were shown the data it was crystal clear what needed optimising first…

Gary Kozhushnik

Where are visitors landing & leaving


Why are they leaving

We really had no idea why some visitors were enquiring and others were not…

Macky Valakas

Why are they leaving


What you can do about it

We had run out of ideas of what to change on the website and if it was worth the investment…

Colin Yang

What you can do about it

Get Help Doing More Of What Drives Conversions & Less Of What Doesn't

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Conversion Audit

  • How much does an audit cost?

    We need to have a quick chat and look at Google Analytics to determine the level of data we will be required to collect and analyse so we can provide you an accurate estimate. If you are open minded to providing access to GA we are very happy to talk through over the phone to give you an idea.

  • Will I see an ROI on the audit

    You may not see an ROI as you aren’t testing but if you implement any of our MANY  recommendations its very likely you will see ROI quite quickly.

    What you do get is data-backed insights and a roadmap for testing and optimisation, including:

    · A detailed breakdown of all identified issues across desktop and mobile

    · Recommendations prioritised by urgency and potential ROI

    · The “just do it” fixes you can implement right away

    · An action plan with finished designs for iterative A/B and multivariate testing (no obligation to do this)

    So yes, we believe there is substantial ROI there.

  • Do I have to lock into a fixed term contract after the audit

    No you don’t, we enter into agreements with our clients, there is nothing contractual about them, it’s a pretty simple model where we keep providing lots of value and you keep paying us. Sure we want to know how long you are sticking with us so we can resource accordingly but we understand things change in business so there are no lock ins.

  • How much traffic do we need to do the audit?

    The more the better, but we have solutions for low traffic sites too – usually using alot more qualitative data and heuristics.

  • How involved will my team need to be (How much of our team's time will this take)?

    Aside from the initial kickoff meetings and a few snippets of code we are pretty low maintenance during the audit. We do have weekly WIP’s but really this is about research, finding good questions that need answering and deciding what method we will use to answer them. It really is a case of heads down and immerse ourselves for a while. We recommend if you can take us up on our CRO fundamentals training course and emmerse yourself in learning the principles of CRO so you can spot opportunities and develop evidence based hypothesis of your own.

  • Do you have a team?

    Oh boy yes! The team at SimplyCRO consists of a Senior Optimiser who overseas the entire strategy and execution, GA experts, Qualitative Researchers, Campaign Builders (Dev Resource), UX Designer, Conversion Copywriter, Quality Assurance Testers and of course a Project Manager or two to make sure it all flows nicely.

  • Do you work with my current agency or partner with agencies?

    Yes we definitely do, infact as we are so specialised that agencies feel really comfortable working with us – we stick to our thing, we do it really well, they stick to theirs and do that really well, we get better results for the you.

    We are passionate about specialisation – you dont get the plumbed to do your electical work do you!

    To give you an idea, we have great partners in web/search/creative/marketing/media agencies. As we specialise in CRO and do nothing else but CRO we make a very easy partner to work and collaborate with. Please feel free to involve them in the initial conversations with us, they are a key stakeholder in your success and you probably trust them – it makes total sense to us as they will ask the right questions and be able to give you the right feedback.

    If you are an agency we are very happy to talk to you about how this model works best, how we engage with clients, communication, boundaries and put you in touch with other partners so you can hear it from them.

  • How do we get started?

    Getting started is easy, all you need to do is give us access to Google Analytics, install a couple of snippets of code on the website and we will take care of the rest. Of course we will want to get to know you, your business, your customers, you goals, challenges and opportunities so there will be a couple of hours a week there helping us in our research phase.

    We may need a clean up of your analytics but we will tell you that pretty much straight away so there will be no suprises there. 90% of GA set ups are flawed so don’t feel bad – but you can’t do CRO with flawed data – that would be called “kidding yourself”.

    Generally we like to kick off a couple of “no brainer” tests in the first months so we can get some momentum and early results (we alllike early results)while the initial “get to you know and your customers” phase is underway.

  • Can you show us examples or results?

    Yes, very happy to do this over the phone, on a screenshare or in your offices, let’s get you on a quick call with Dan first so he shows you something relevant. If appropriate he will probably conduct a mini audit for you too – using your data!