Is a radical redesign really what you need?

If your website isn’t converting enough visitors to leads and buyers, you may think an overhaul is the only answer.
Save time and money with a conversion redesign instead.

Let’s talk design that converts

It was an amazing experience, enlightening and interesting. Conversion Redesign

Most website rebuilds don’t solve conversion problems… in fact, after a redesign, site revenues often dive

The months of design, development, Q&A… The serious investment a redesign entails…
All of that should pay off in a higher-performing site. Only often, it doesn’t. And no one is quite sure why. That’s because redesigning without conversion insight is guesswork.

Businesses across the globe trust simplycro

Most agencies will tell you a slick, new site is what you need. But beautiful design isn’t enough to convert.

Your site should look great, yes.

But it also must deliver the right messages at the right moments, pulling the right triggers of persuasion.

Only, most design teams jump right to design…

First, you need to know what’s already working on your site and what really does need a redesign

That’s where we come in. Simply CRO takes the guesswork and risk out of website design. With conversion insights, we can make design
changes that:

  • Drive more leads and inquiries from ideal customers
  • Increase direct purchases from the site
  • Improve user experience (UX) so visitors prefer your brand over the competition

Here’s how conversion redesign works

Step 1: Audit

In the data analysis phase, we find out what’s working, what’s not and why.

An audit includes a full 360 degree qualitative and quantitative conversion and UX analysis of your pages, navigation, site engagement features, forms, checkout process and mobile visitor behaviour.

You get a conversion audit report and live walkthrough of our insights gathered from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Copy Audit
  • Psychological Analysis
  • Customer Journey Analysis*
  • User Testing
  • Heatmap, Scroll Maps
  • Mouse Recordings
  • User Interviews/Surveys
  • Support/Chat Insights

*For each device and browser.

Step 2: Wireframe & Design

With the audit, we discovered how users are engaging with your site — where they’re hesitating; the information they need but can’t find; where they’re confused, dropping off or converting.

Now we can redesign strategically. Pairing our analysts with our UX and graphic designers, we wireframe changes based on the top priorities for conversion optimisation.

You get desktop and mobile PSD designs.

Step 3: Development & Go-Live

Once approved, we pass the blueprints for your redesigns over to your developer for the build and go-live.

We’re with you every step of the way to quality control implementation of your conversion-optimised designs.

During dev, our team will set up your Google Analytics tracking codes and ensure Adwords and all other marketing/third party software code is installed for the optional post-go-live audit.

Step 4: Post-Go-Live Audit

(OPTIONAL) Conversion rate optimisation is a cycle of continuous improvement. The highest-converting sites cycle back to Step 1 after every test or redesign to find out:

  • Did it work?
  • Did the dev build it bug-free on all devices and browsers?
  • Are users behaving how we want them to?

Conversion redesign

might be right for you if…

  • You want to redesign with confidence, knowing your investment will pay off
  • Your site has been live and collecting Google
  • Analytics data for at least 6 months
  • You’re investing marketing to drive traffic, but your conversions per visitor aren’t high enough
  • Feedback from customers and visitors suggests they’re not “getting” what key actions to take on your site
  • You have technical and marketing resources, but no one 100% focused on optimizing for conversions

Now you can invest in conversions… not just a shiny “new site”

12 years ago, we stopped simply redesigning sites — and starting designing based on real insight into what converts. It’s the only way to get the best ROI on design.

Here’s what you can expect with a conversion redesign:

  • Audit, Wireframing and Design typically take 6-8 weeks
  • Development timelines depend on your team
    (we can help you find a pro)
  • All project quotes are flat-rate with no hidden or add-on fees

How much does it cost? Conversion redesign is in line with market rates for CRO and web design services.


conversion focused redesign

takes the risk out of change


Conversion Rate Uplift

Once we were shown the data it was crystal clear what needed optimising first…

Gary Kozhushnik

Conversion Rate Uplift


Increase in Enquiries

We really had no idea why some visitors were enquiring and others were not…

Macky Valakas

Increase in Enquiries


Additional revenue per month

We had run out of ideas of what to change on the website and if it was worth the investment…

Colin Yang

Additional revenue per month

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Frequently Answered Questions About

Conversion Focused Redesigns

  • What is a radical redesign?

    In simplest terms a radical redesign is when you completely redesign your website, basically “throwing everything away” and “starting again”.

    Think “design by committee” and personal opinions all mashed together to satisfy different stakeholders. Everyone gets a say except the most important stakeholder – your visitors.

    It’s fraught with danger and for very good reason. In every website there are things that are assisting conversion and things that are friction. The problem with a complete redesign is you throw out the things that are friction AND the things that convert.

  • What is evolutionary site design?

    When your brand or site isn’t broken and you gradually make improvements based on data – often AB testing in CRO programs for example

  • When would I do a radical redesign?

    • If your brand or company direction changes
    • You’ve hit the local maxima and have tried alot of optimisation to get there but with no success.
    • The technology is severely outdated
    • The design of the site is so amateur it causes a major major negative first impression in most people and you have data to support this
    • There’s very little traffic, and conversion analysis reveals so many problems that it’d take years of A/B testing to fix it item by item.
  • Whats the difference between Radical and Conversion Focused Redesign?

    Hopefully this page has helped ALOT but first of all we start with a conversion audit where as radical redesigns don’t. Generally they start with “Hustin we have  problem…I know let’s start again”. Hey, no judging here, we ran a web design agency for 12 years that did just that – its the old way of doing things, its risky

    The conversion audit derisk design decisions when we understand what are the problems, where they are and why they are a problem.

    As you probably already read on our audit page before we do a redesign we do the following to build the perfect architechture – based on evidence, not opinion.

    • Heuristic analysis
    • Qualitative research
    • User testing
    • Mouse tracking analysis
    • Digital analytics analysis

    Once you go through all of this, you’ll have identified issues, key informaton and motivations that you can use to base your design decisions on. And that makes a huge difference.

  • Will you build the site for us once you finish the designs?

    Now while we know exactly what to do having previously been a web agency for 12 years we are sorry that ship has sailed. Our energy is all about how will this work best, not how will we build it, what plaform, etc..

    We can assist in a consultative manner or put you in touch with some partners we know will do things the right way for a fair price that we would trust with our own website.

  • Can I use my designer?

    Yes you can if they are really good for sure, we can take things as far as the audit and the wireframes and then work with your designer in a consultative capacity to make sure things stay according to the plan.

  • Do I need to do the post go live audit?

    We would highly recommend it for at least three reasons.

    1. You want to know if it worked did it work and if not, why not
    2. There is a lot that can go wrong between a design being signed off and a site going live – theres that whole development thing and bugs and plugins and site speed and and and..
    3. Sometimes even with the best designs and all the research to back it users don’t do what you expect so you need to be able to react to that proactively.
  • Do you work with agencies?

    Absolutely, we do, works really well, we bring the insights and the plans they execute them. Give us a call you will probably teach us a thing or two and we most likely have referrals for you too.