12-Months In And We Accumulated An Additional $1,000,000+ In Revenue

How Our Research-Driven CRO Program Was Able To Drive Consistent Results For CarHistory

The Goal:
  • Increase CR 
  • Improve website UX
The Tools:
  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • User Testing
  • Convert
  • 21% increase on conversion rate over a 12-month period
  • QTR 1 – 6 run, 4 winners, ~$371,000 uplift
  • QTR 2 – 6 run, 4 winners, ~$243,000 uplift
  • QTR 3 – 6 run, 3 winner, ~$330,000 uplift
  • QTR 4 – 6 run, 1 winner, ~$157,000 uplift

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The Challenge

CarHistory provides customers with a comprehensive report on a used vehicle’s reported history.

Being in a competitive market, they were running a lot of paid traffic and were looking to dial up the heat to get the most out of the website and their traffic.

They were after a partner that could help them to unlock additional growth long term and so they looked to us to achieve this with an experimentation program.

The Research

In order to understand how users were interacting with the website, we needed to analyse who they were and what they were trying to achieve.

Our objective was to unpack:

  • The different types of customers coming through and what their main goals were when arriving on site
  • What they did on arrival and where they went to next
  • What their conversion path looked like
  • What was causing them to drop off before making a purchase

To aid us in our research efforts, our team used the following research tactics to unpack the customers biggest barriers, as well as to understand how they were engaging with the website.

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Web polls
  • Post-purchase survey 
  • Session recordings
  • Message Mining

The Results

Over a 12 month period we saw a fluctuation in results which is common in a CRO program.

Regardless of how each quarter compared, we were able to consistently build on their revenue goal and as a result achieved $1,000,000+ in projected revenue from the program.

The results were:

  • QTR 1 – 6 run, 4 winners, ~$371,000 uplift
  • QTR 2 – 6 run, 4 winners, ~$243,000 uplift
  • QTR 3 – 6 run, 3 winner, ~$330,000 uplift
  • QTR 4 – 6 run, 1 winner, ~$157,000 uplift

The last quarter only saw 1 test win but resulted in a whopping ~$157,000 revenue uplift.

Overall the program, we saw an increase in conversion rate by 21%.

Data from Google Analytics

This goes to show the impact that commitment and a long term approach can have on your success running a CRO program.

The key is to stick with it.

It’s not a quick fix.

We continue to work with CarHistory and have consistently seen positive results in our program overall.

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