A 17% Uplift On Conversion Rate From A Single Test

How A Simple Navigational Fix Helped Shoppers Find More Relevant Products And Increase Sales

The Goal:
  • Increase CR 
  • Improve website UX
The Tools:
  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Convert
  • 17% Uplift 
  • 173% increase in search bar interactions
  • 7% increase in add to cart

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The Challenge

TennisGear is an online retailer of tennis equipment and accessories from racquets, apparel and more.

When they approached us, they were not sure about how conversion rate optimisation (CRO) could help them to improve their website experience.

They knew they needed to improve the site, but didn’t have the skills in house to increase the performance so were looking for expert guidance.

As part of the optimisation audit, we wanted to show them the value of experimentation as a means for understanding their customers and improving the conversion rate of their website.

So we decided to run an A/B test to show them how the process works and the results and insights they could generate off the back of it.

The Research

To begin, we conducted a heuristic analysis of the website.

A heuristic analysis is used to identify a product’s common usability issues with the objective to resolve problems whilst improving user satisfaction and experience.

We then have 3 specialists from the team conduct the analysis for a holistic review.

Research board using Miro tool

To accompany the heuristic analysis, we also introduced:

  • An audit of Google Analytics
  • Analysis of heatmaps

The Insights

From the heuristic analysis, we identified that the search bar was hidden on the website.

Yet, from heatmaps, we were able to see that there was engagement on the search icon, indicating that this feature of the interface was of value to a percentage of shoppers.

Digging through the Google Analytics data, we were able to see that of those who used the search on the website, they had a significantly higher conversion rate than those that didn’t.

From this, we decided to run a test that exposed the search bar on the website for both mobile and desktop.

The Test

Our hypothesis was that with the current treatment, there was a lack of visibility on the search bar, resulting in less engagement. By exposing the search filter, we would increase visibility of the feature, allowing shoppers to search for specific items which would have a positive impact on conversions.


The Results

  • 17% uplift on conversion rate
  • 173% increase in search bar interactions
  • 7% increase in add to cart

By exposing the search bar on both mobile and desktop, we saw a significant increase in interaction, indicating that visitors were clear on the products they wanted, they just needed help refining their search. 

This test is often considered a common UX feature on websites, making it a “best practice”. Instead of diving straight into making the change, we chose to focus on what the research was telling us which led to the solution.

Then, leveraging experimentation to be confident that it was the right approach to the problem.

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